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Male carers

Becoming a full-time carer can be particularly difficult for men as it has traditionally been seen as a woman’s role. Two men talk about their own experiences as carers.


Don’t believe all you hear. one day you may not be able to escape reality

h1Excellent blog on how people so easily forget about others.  Thanks Cripp.

February 20, 2011

Usually what I write is aimed at disabled people, or those with an interest in disability issues. Today though I want to chat to able bodied people, those who have never claimed benefits, and who only encounter a wheelchair when they have to dodge one at the supermarket. You are the type of person who agrees that disabled people have too many benefits, too easily, access to care when their families should support them, and that too many of them avoid work they are perfectly capable of. You have always worked, never claimed state help, and have no reason to believe anything will change. In fact you are on your way to work, so you don’t have time to read the views of an opinionated crip, even if you thought they mattered. which of course they don’t.

Contact a Family

Receiving Local Support from Contact a Family