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It took a serious accident for my autistic son to get the help he needed

Glass and blood went everywhere when my teenage son removed every fragment of the window he had broken with his bare hands.’

Unique concerts for parents and carers living with autism

Written by  The Editorial Team

  Concerts specifically for parents and carers of children with autism

Acclaimed Japanese concert pianist, Noriko Ogawa, is hosting a series of concerts specifically for parents and carers of children with autism.

The aim of Jamie’s Concerts, which are held in Japan and the UK, is to provide carers with a rare chance to relax and listen to live classical music in a supportive environment.

Learning-disabled people are dying because they receive less good care

Following the Winterbourne View abuse scandal, there’s been a lot of well-intentioned talk but little actual progress in improving the care of vulnerable people

Connor Sparrowhawk, who drowned in the bath in a specialist NHS inpatient unit in Oxford in 2013

By the time Robin Kitt Callender died, she had endured eight weeks of intermittent vomiting and diarrhoea, and her weight had fallen to five stone. In the four months before she collapsed at her Essex care home, the 53-year-old had visited her GP six times and A&E twice, but her inflammatory bowel disease remained undiagnosed.