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Carer treated with nothing but contempt and it’s just so unfair

Anna Ferdinando given two weeks to leave her grandmother’s two-bed house in Hill Road

A mother and her seven-month-old son are being evicted from their home by Haringey Borough Council because she did not claim benefits.

Anna Ferdinando, of Hill Road, Muswell Hill, and her son Arthur are being forced to leave her late grandmother Helene McPhillips’ council house because she did not claim Carer’s Allowance.

DLA is a lot more than money

The real issue with losing DLA is the validation

Sunday, 2 September 2012

DLA paperwork.  I’m going through the process again because, naturally, auto-immune arthritis has no cure, nor does fibromyalgia…but the goal-posts to what being disabled means has changed and now, unless I’m stuck in bed and cannot even blink, I’m not really disabled anymore.  This is what the new descriptors are doing.  I haven’t got a shade’s chance at midnight in passing this.  My only blessing right now is my son is currently in the clear till 2014…and unless there’s some miracle in autism he’s going to be fine and capable of continuing to receive it; residential status pretty much secures that for him.  I can breathe easy for that, at least.

Devoted Kingston carer says mum is number one

David Lulham and his mum

1:50pm Saturday 23rd June 2012 in News By Nazia Dewji

After 30 years of caring around the clock for his elderly mother David Lulham remains devoted to his “number one mum”, but there is one thing the 59-year-old finds hard – lack of sleep.

The ex-motor-mechanic who suffers from back problems, diabetes and cataracts has been living with his 92-year-old housebound mother for 36 years helping to care for her basic needs.

The 59-year-old said: “I sleep every now and then. I am up every hour-and-a-half or so to get my mum to the loo. She goes to the bathroom a lot. I get exhausted sometimes.

“Half the time in the day she is asleep, but as soon as I go to sleep she says ‘David’.

“I’m just used to it now though.”