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One in seven people in the UK suffer from chronic pain

Gene find could lead to drug for chronic back pain

A gene responsible for chronic pain has been identified, with scientists saying this could lead to drugs for treating long-lasting back pain.

Writing in the journal Science, University of Cambridge researchers removed the HCN2 gene from pain-sensitive nerves in mice.

Deleting the gene stopped any chronic pain but did not affect acute pain.

About one in seven people in the UK suffer from chronic pain, which can also include arthritis and headaches.

“Unacceptable delays” for arthritis treatment

People are facing “unacceptably long” delays to receive treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, according to a survey of eight European countries.

 By , Medical Correspondent

6:30AM BST 04 Aug 2011 

It found patients in England waited 21 weeks for treatment, well in excess of the three month “therapeutic window” in which it is best to treat to maximise chances of a good outcome.

New arthritis drug given green light

New arthritis drug given green light

Hundreds of thousands of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) sufferers could benefit from a new treatment after the drugs spending watchdog changed its mind about prescribing it on the NHS.

By Stephen Adams, Medical Correspondent 6:30AM BST 13 May 2011

Those with moderate to severe RA will now be able to get Simponi, the brand name of the drug golimumab, in some situations where similar treatments have not worked.