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Accessibility should be part of everyday arts practice

The English National Ballet’s My First Coppélia makes use of symbol resources, which supports the inclusion of people with a communication difficulties. Photograph: ENB

For many children and young people, particularly those with learning difficulties, attending a theatre performance can be a confusing and stressful experience. Sara Ryan from the University of Warwick has described the experience of many parents taking their children into such public places as being “contingent, unsatisfactory and incomplete”.

Firefighters offer safety advice to the deaf

 National Deaf Awareness Week (May 19-25)

West Sussex Firefighters will be helping deaf residents during National Deaf Awareness Week (May 19-25) to ensure they have appropriate smoke alarms in their homes.

To find out more contact the Community Fire Safety team on 01243 642879.



Sheffield carer gets £1,900 after delay

She doesn’t want to be named but – after receiving £1,900 in back pay – she does want others to know that if you’re battling bureaucracy at Sheffield City Council, then Action Desk is the place to turn.

The lady, who cares for a blind woman, got in touch after receiving no wages for three months.

Under a complicated scheme the cash was sent from the council to a service which paid out the woman’s care funding as if she were an ‘employer’.