Sheffield carer gets £1,900 after delay

She doesn’t want to be named but – after receiving £1,900 in back pay – she does want others to know that if you’re battling bureaucracy at Sheffield City Council, then Action Desk is the place to turn.

The lady, who cares for a blind woman, got in touch after receiving no wages for three months.

Under a complicated scheme the cash was sent from the council to a service which paid out the woman’s care funding as if she were an ‘employer’.

But the service, MyBudgetBrokerage, ceased trading in November. And problems arose when the council continued to pay money to it, and not directly to the blind lady under a new agreement.

In despair, the carer contacted The Star.


Richard Webb, executive director of communities at Sheffield City Council said: “There has been some delay in receiving funds.

“We have been through the account in question and all monies owed have been paid.

“I can appreciate the frustration felt by all parties during this period and apologise to those involved for the delay in any payment.

“Any future direct payments will now be paid direct from Sheffield City Council to the service user.”