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Chill4us Carers supports Carers and Past Carers 24 Hours a Day

A Charity  run by volunteers.


Are you a carer? Chill4us Carers is the social network community for family carers  and is about, information, humour, fantasy and fun, chat with carers and finding help when the caring ends.  We are a peer support group offering carer resources and have experience of the isolation felt by family carers, the struggle with finding grants, money and the general difficulty of finding help for carers.  We know that  when you become an unpaid family carer you can face a life of poverty, ill health and frustration.  There is information and advice for carers in our carers message boards, our website and free daily newspaper.

Ours is a friendly independent non profit voluntary organization for carers, with a constitution and committee funded by Norfolk County Council offering friendly help for unpaid carers.

We initially got together with an msn website in 2002 and later this website evolved in 2005.

Chill4Us Carers is a small charity working to end isolation for carers and former carers.   We care for carers in Norfolk and across the UK and helping when a carer needs to rebuild a life of their own. We rely on donations, fundraising and gifts to be able to fund our services so if you would like to contribute towards our costs, then it would be much appreciated so we are able to continue to run Chill4us as the family for carers that our members tell us it is.

We are unpaid family carers or ex carers who do this to support one another.  We do it because we care.  Our members have experience in all aspects of Care needs. If they can’t answer your questions or solve your problem they will know someone who can.

Anyone can become a carer in an instant, nobody is immune, it’s not until it happens to YOU that caring for a sick or disabled loved one is understood and the everyday struggles a carer lives with 24/7, isolation and social exclusion is a big factor.

Chill4us is a sanctuary for many carers, it’s somewhere they can go and be among other carers without having to leave the loved ones they are caring for, we provide a valuable service often offering a lifeline for carers who are isolated so that they no longer feel alone.  We have an arcade and a forum, which is used constantly throughout the day and lonely nights.

We have a free daily online newspaper. http://thecarersnewspaper.co.uk/

Caring for carers in Norfolk and across the UK and helping when a carer needs to rebuild a life of their own.


Funded by
Norfolk County Council Carers Grant
Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Groups
Norwich & District Carers Forum
Comic Relief 2009
Talk Talk 2010
Local Giving
Norfolk Community Foundation 2010
Norwich Marchesi Rotary Club 2010
SoundDelivery 2011
Ridgeons Builders 2012
SoundDelivery 2013
Norwich North Alpha Lions Club 2013
Fitzmaurice Trust 2014
Comic Relief 2014
The National Lottery 2014
Waitrose – Eaton  2014


contact email
Please phone if you wish to donate a laptop:
01603 340193