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Councils must not cut charity budgets

By Adam Fleming BBC News Political Correspondent

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles
 Mr Pickles indicated he could take action against councils which overly penalise charities


Eric Pickles has said he is considering using the law to prevent local authorities passing on “disproportionate” cuts to charities.

The Communities Secretary told voluntary groups they were entitled to expect that cuts to their grants would not be proportionally bigger than cuts to local authority budgets overall.

These hands which have:

These hands which have:

Written exams
Played the piano
Played symphonies
Played the fool
Sensously touched
Clouted the kids
Peeled the spuds
Practised First Aid
Washed and ironed
Shaken with celebrities
Pointed the way for strangers
Eaten fish and chips on a street corner
Pushed the car
And rocked the cradle,
Are now yours to:
lift and carry
Feed and wash
Dress and undress
Comb and spary
Guide and hold
Stroke and caress
Comfort and reassure
And tuck you up,.

But they are still mine to wipe away my tears.

Cash break for parents of disabled in Scotland


Families with severely disabled children could benefit from an extra £2 million to fund short breaks.

The money is in addition to £5 million already allocated over five years, the Scottish Government said.

Public health minister Shona Robison said: “Parents looking after children with complex or exceptional needs have exceptionally tough demands placed upon them. Severely disabled children can be entirely reliant on their parents for everything and families can be left utterly exhausted. Providing a short break – either for parents and their other children or for the whole family – can make a huge difference in sustaining families and keeping them going.”