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The scandal of common mental illnesses left untreated

Would we tolerate a situation in which the majority of those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis were left to fend for themselves, or asked to make do with inferior therapies?

Imagine you are the campaigns manager of a political party. You are aware of a public health crisis that, at any one time, affects a third of the population, reduces life expectancy as drastically as smoking, is more disabling than angina, asthma, or diabetes, and reduces GDP by around 4% each year. You know this crisis can be substantially – and cheaply – alleviated. Wouldn’t you make the issue a central theme in your election campaign?

Carers: what is a day in your life really like?‬ Share your experiences

If you’re a carer we want to hear from you. What is your day really like? Share your stories, pictures and experiences

Tim Ranson with his son, Danny. ‘You don’t choose the job, it chooses you.’ Photograph: TimmRanson/GuardianWitness

‪If you’re a carer, you might be familiar with the statistics: that there are 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK and that informal caring saves the UK economy £119bn a year. Or you might have only recently realised you’re a carer; looking after a family member, partner or friend can be so natural that it seems odd that it has a name.‬

Britain’s workforce in 2022: From a nation of pen-pushers to an army of carers

IPPR report predicts occupations of the future lie in the health and social-care sector

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Wednesday 4.06.2014

Once we were a nation of factory workers and farm hands, then a country of office pen-pushers. Britain’s workforce has transformed many times to meet the needs of a changing society and economy.

Now, a new report predicts, we are becoming a nation of professional carers.