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NHS is forced to remind doctors and nurses that they must give water to dying patients

  • Professor Patrick Pullicino said he still sees dehydrated patients on wards 

  • Food and drink had been withdrawn from dying people to speed up death
  • The so-called Liverpool Care Pathway was abolished 12 months ago Medics have been warned continue giving dying patients water  

By Sophie Borland for the Daily Mail

Doctors and nurses are having to be reminded to give water to dying patients.

It is being spelled out to them in basic guidelines following concerns that patients are being denied fluids before their deaths.

John’s Campaign – listing hospitals that welcome carers

My fight for free hospital parking for carers

Attention all Carers:

Two issues dominated my work recently.

The other big issue this week has been my Private Member’s Bill. Many of you may know I am trying, through the bill, to obtain free hospital parking for carers. Support for this is growing but, if I am to be successful, I really do need your help. I know from my conversations with so many of you, that hospital car park charges are a problem for many carers, who often spend a lot of time hospital visiting.