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Dementia patients forced to rely on unpaid carers, poll says


Three-quarters of GPs say their dementia patients are forced to rely on family, friends, neighbours or other unpaid carers, because they get insufficient help from health and social care services.

Stephen Blakeburn, 50, who cares for his mother, Jenny (left), 86, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2010. GPs believe dementia patients are being failed by health and social care services. Photograph: Alzheimer’s Society/PA Photograph: Alzheimer’s Society/PA

A survey of 1,013 family doctors by the Alzheimer’s Society paints a worrying picture of a situation in which patients are often let down or left confused by the health and social care system.

Leading Catholics write to Iain Duncan Smith to express fears over welfare cuts

Open letter appeals to Duncan Smith’s religious convictions in an effort to persuade him to reverse his austerity-inspired welfare reforms

More than 70 leading Catholics have written to Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, who is Catholic, to tell him they fear the impact of his welfare reform policies.

In an open letter the group, led by the thinktanks Ekklesia and the Centre for Welfare Reform, calls on Duncan Smith to redraft his policies “in a way that is more compatible with Catholic and Christian values.”

Prescriptions to display drug cost

Packets of prescription medication will display how much their contents have cost taxpayers, under government plans.

The figure and the words “funded by the UK taxpayer” will be added to all packs costing more than £20 in England.

It is part of efforts to reduce the £300m bill for “wasted” medication, which is prescribed but not used.