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Pot of gold! Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire receive £60m for roads, rail, education and broadband improvements

Proposals would see 95 per cent of homes in Norfolk and Suffolk covered by broadband.

Monday, July 7, 2014
11:25 AM

Better broadband, new roads and college buildings will be built in Norfolk and Suffolk amid a multi-million diversion of government funds which the prime minister claims will create “real change” in the region.

Three’s a crowd: Living with your lover and their carer

How easy is life with an outsider always in your home?

 Zoe Hallam was living with her boyfriend Will Iles in university halls of residence as well as having 24 hour care

If your partner is disabled, they might also have a full-time carer. So how easy is life with an outsider always in your home?

“It took me a while to get used to waking in the morning to see a stranger lift my girlfriend out of bed and dress her,” says Will Iles, a market analyst from London. He and his girlfriend Zoe Hallam were living in halls at Oxford University back then and the situation with the stranger, her care assistant, was made even more cosy because it was a single bed the couple were sharing.

Out-of-hospital plan ‘a recipe for disaster’, MPs warn

Cutting back on hospital services in England – before community services are geared up to provide care – is a “recipe for disaster”, MPs say.