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‘An absolutely electric energy’ at the Young Carers Festival

Posted 27 June 2014,

The 15th annual festival for young carers begins today

This weekend’s Young Carers Festival is the biggest national festival for young carers. Some 1600 young carers are expected to be at the event, which we organise in partnership with the YMCA Fairthorne Group.

The festival’s goal is to give young carers a chance to have fun, meet fellow young carers, share their experiences with friends and policymakers, and enjoy a break from their caring responsibilities. This is the fourteenth annual Young Carers Festival.

IT team raise over £90,000 for carers’ charity

A TRIATHLON squad from Skelmersdale helped fundraisers from the Co-operative’s IT team raise more than £94,053 for their charity of the year, the Carers Trust.

The Skem runners, swimmers and cyclists organised by Nadine Burns, John Jones and Stephanie Moran, raised £1,200 for the charity.

Encouraging ‘Young Carers’ Is Unacceptable

  The carers movement talk about how much money they have saved the government

Over the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people who are regarded or regard themselves as carers, due to a strong carers movement that has the support of this government. Those who were regarded as spouses, parents and siblings are now just regarded as carers, and while family members may sometimes be wrong, society believes carers always know best, even when it is far from the case.