‘An absolutely electric energy’ at the Young Carers Festival

Posted 27 June 2014,

The 15th annual festival for young carers begins today

This weekend’s Young Carers Festival is the biggest national festival for young carers. Some 1600 young carers are expected to be at the event, which we organise in partnership with the YMCA Fairthorne Group.

The festival’s goal is to give young carers a chance to have fun, meet fellow young carers, share their experiences with friends and policymakers, and enjoy a break from their caring responsibilities. This is the fourteenth annual Young Carers Festival.

Our Chief Executive, Matthew Reed, said: ‘The Young Carers Festival has an absolutely electric energy. As well as getting much-deserved respite, these young people from every corner of the UK will be able to speak directly to the education, health and social services that have a huge impact on their lives and well-being.’

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More than 166,000 young carers

There are more than 166,000 young carers throughout the country and though not all can attend the festival, we are doing all that we can to recognise their needs.