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County Council helps Norfolk charity to ‘smile’

County Council helps Norfolk charity to ‘smile’

18 February 2013

The future is looking increasingly bright for a Norfolk charity and the children and young people they support, after Norfolk County Council granted them a significant funding boost.

Nelson’s Journey, currently based on Meridian Way in Thorpe St Andrew, will receive £250,000 from the council towards their fundraising efforts to purchase a property for their new headquarters.

Established in 1997, the charity supports bereaved children (up to and including the age of 17) living in Norfolk to move forward positively, following the death of a significant person in their life.

Young carers have some fun

Young Swindon carers become firefighters

8:30pm Friday 15th February 2013 in News By Matthew Edwards

YOUNG carers in Swindon have been putting out fires, cutting people out of cars and abseiling down buldings as they see what it is like to be a firefighter.

A group of 20 youngsters, aged from 12 to 16, all members of the Swindon Young Carers’ support group, have spent the week with the Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service to experience a basic fire and rescue training course.

Known as Salamander, the programme encourages participants to work as a team, while building up confidence and self-esteem.

A card to show someone cares

Wednesday 6 February 2013

It’s a grown-up job for some of our youngest people.

Published on Wednesday 6 February 2013 08:00


Being a young carer to a parent or relative is a role that is not chosen but is one that is accepted and valued by those who many of us would still class as children.

In their position as carer, their job is something that many more fortunate youngsters could not even comprehend, little alone do.

That’s why a new scheme was launched this week to make sure young carers enjoy more of the rights they deserve to continue with their vital role as well as live one of the most exciting and promising stages of their lives.

It all started a few years ago.

During the Young Carers Festival in 2010, carers were asked about the problems they faced in their role and what could be done about them.