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Loneliness becoming a modern epidemic

Family carers can feel lonely?

You’re not alone – more and more people are suffering loneliness. Lisa Salmon reports on a growing and worrying problem

WE ALL have days when we feel slightly alone. Our friends are busy, the kids are away, nobody’s responding to your texts or calls. But this is very different to feeling deeply, inconsolably lonely. Loneliness is a growing problem, in a modern society that spreads people further and further from their family roots and compels them more and more to interact with technology rather than real people.

Care choice plan ‘could fail’ as councils stick to EU rules

CHARITIES have warned policies designed to let older people choose their own care will fail if councils insist on following European rules on tendering

FORECAST: Annie Gunner Logan says she saw the problem coming.

Personalisation policies, which have near-universal support from the Government, councils and care providers, are meant to give elderly and disabled people and their carers a choice of the services they receive, and help keep them in their own homes.

But care providers have long warned there is a basic incompatibility between this choice and procurement rules councils follow when commissioning services.

Let the elderly in care keep their own furniture to make it feel like home, says minister

  • Allowing their possessions about them reassures old people in homes

  • 25,000 care homes will be subjected to a ‘robust’ inspection scheme
  • Care should be ‘personalised’ especially for those with dementia 

By Tania Steere For Daily Mail


Care homes should be fitted with the curtains, bedspreads and furniture of their occupants to try to make them a ‘civilised’ home from home, according to the Care Minister.

Norman Lamb warned last night that many residents, especially those with dementia, feel alienated and confused when ‘plunged into’ an unfamiliar environment.

The Daily Mail has waged a long-running Dignity for the Elderly campaign for better standards in hospitals and care homes.