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Hospital failure regime extended to care homes

The process was introduced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) a year ago at 11 failing trusts.


A system of special measures designed to improve failing hospitals in England is to be extended to care homes, the government is expected to announce.

The process was introduced by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) a year ago at 11 failing trusts.

Most have since made progress – although only five have been or are being taken out of special measures.

Social work in Australia: virtual teams offer supervision

Technology offers an accessible and affordable way for rural and isolated social workers to connect, reflect and learn

Amanda Nickson

An old water-pumping windmill stands in front of an abandoned farmhouse in Gawler, South Australia. Photograph: www.corbis.com/Paul A. Souders

Social work practice in rural Australia faces high staff turnover, burnout and difficulties in recruitment and retention. A lack of supervision and professional development opportunities have been identified as contributing to difficulties.

My research describes the process of peer supervision in virtual teams in rural and remote Australia, based on a research trial over a 12-month period.

How can social workers support unpaid carers?

Social care professionals can help identify carers and link them up to support servicesSha

Timm Ranson with his son, Danny. ‘I always dread this job. I try and leave it as long as possible.’ Photograph: Timm Ranson/Guardian Witness

“Caring for someone you love is a real privilege fraught with sorrow,” said one contributor to our Guardian Witness project about unpaid caring. “And some self-pity, which is fought off relentlessly. For my wife and I as parents, it is a life sentence. We will be doing this until the day we die.”