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Loneliness is not a bug with a technological solution

Helping elderly people to use the internet is a good idea. But let’s not mistake broadband connections for social ones


‘Anyone who has spent time with elderly people knows the real issues are much more complex.’

In the UK, four out of 10 over-65s do not have internet access. At a time when so much of our lives is conducted online – the payment of bills, access to information – that should be a real source of concern about potential social exclusion.

But does this mean that by widening internet access, elderly people will feel more socially connected? Or, even, more radically, as a new report suggests, could this be a solution for loneliness in old age?

Better care for the elderly

HERE TO HELP: Decision makers from the health, social care and voluntary sector get together to improve services for the elderly in Hartlepool

IMPROVED services for the elderly have come under the spotlight at a summit in Hartlepool.

Experts from numerous sectors came together to look at how better arrangements can be put in place for older people in the town.

Mounting demands are being placed on services which cater for people with conditions such as stroke and dementia.

And with an increasingly ageing population, the NHS Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) held a summit is focusing on how improvements could be made for vulnerable elderly people in the area.

‘Will you help me please?’ Carers ignored old lady begging for help over 300 times in an hour

A 98-year-old woman lies in a care home bed begging for help. She cries out 321 times in just one hour, including 45 times to go to the toilet, but her carers simply ignore her. A month later she died

Alone and unable to move, a 98-year-old woman begs for a someone to help her to the toilet – but her desperate pleas go unanswered for an hour.

Despite care workers being outside her door, it took 321 cries for someone to eventually respond to bed-ridden Yvonne Grant