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Why are the lives of disabled people “valued less” than those of others?

Doctors put lower value on lives of the disabled, study finds
NHS doctors are more likely to allow patients to die if they suffer from a mental disability, a damning Government-backed report suggests.
Lives of disabled ‘valued less’ in NHS, claim
By John Bingham, Social Affairs Editor

In some cases doctors may even be making orders not to resuscitate “because” patients have learning difficulties, the three-year study concludes.

In other cases, it found evidence of doctors making more “rapid” and “premature” life-and-death decisions in cases involving the disabled than other people.

People with special needs are also less likely to be diagnosed quickly with conditions such as cancer and “all aspects” of medical care were “significantly” worse for them than for the wider population, it concluded.

Care for the elderly is not good enough

Basic care for elderly ‘lacking’

By Nick Triggle Health correspondent, BBC News

Elderly patient in hospital corridor The CQC looked at standards across care homes and hospitals

Basic care for the elderly in hospitals and care homes in England is still not good enough, the regulator says.

The Care Quality Commission report, based on a snapshot of services, found about a third failed to meet all the standards for nutrition and dignity.

It cited examples of call-bells being left unanswered, bad manners and a lack support at meal times.

It comes after the NHS was criticised by the Stafford Hospital scandal public inquiry for not putting patients first.

The Stafford report, published last month, said the NHS system was more focused on corporate self-interest than getting services right.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections were carried out before those findings were released.

‘Meal Mates’ feeding scheme helps patients get their meals

KING’S LYNN: Getting matey at mealtimes

Meal Mates feeding scheme at Tilney Ward in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Helen Wise the meal time co-ordinator with patient Jean Hill.Meal Mates feeding scheme at Tilney Ward in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Helen Wise the meal time co-ordinator with patient Jean Hill.

Published on Saturday 9 March 2013 09:30

Volunteers at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been swapping their desks for dinner trays to help create a mealtime community on the wards and encourage patients to enjoy their food.

The Meal Mates scheme was introduced in August 2011, prompted by staff concerns at the national reports suggesting that patients in some UK hospitals were going without food and drink because nursing staff were too busy to look after them.

Although no allegations had been made against ward staff at the QEH, staff were concerned that on some wards, those with older patients including some with dementia, that nurses were unable to give patients the time and support needed during mealtimes.