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How Much Care is Enough?

Contributed by Lawrence Henderson

Psychology major

Carers have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Perhaps this is why the carer role can result in such a high amount of burnout and confusion for those who fill the role. Determining and delivering care in a way that is respectful of both the needs of the patient and the abilities and limitations of the carer is very important. This usually requires a strategic approach; it is important to create a care plan between family members and the entire care or medical team.

Call for merged 'super' health and care budget

A merged NHS and social-care budget in England

A merged NHS and social-care budget in England is needed to stop vulnerable people falling into the gaps between the two services, experts say.

The Barker Commission’s interim report said an ageing population and rise in illnesses such as dementia had “blurred the lines” between the two.

It said this was creating increasing friction between the NHS and councils over which was responsible for care.

The result was people faced delays getting care or went without, it added.

The commission – led by former Bank of England monetary policy committee member Kate Barker and set up by the King’s Fund think tank – said only a “new settlement” would solve the problems.

Day care cuts actually cost money

By North Devon Journal  |  Posted: March 24, 2014

Think about the family carer!



Burrow House in Ilfracombe is one of the day and residential care centres facing closure

Journal reader Ruth Funnell from Great Torrington writes:

The proposal to cut day care is a tragedy for carers and those who attended these centres. It is likely to cost public money rather than save it as carers’ health suffers and those cared for have to move earlier to residential care.


By next year Devon County Council will have endured cuts of 60% in the budget since the coalition came to power. North Devon District Council will have seen its budget cut by a third.