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The government’s New Care Act will offer a new lifeline to those in need of support

Daniel Hoare lost his job five years ago after falling victim to Multiple Sclerosis – find out how the new Care Act will help him regain control of his life

The new rules will give Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Daniel Hoare control of his life again

Who will foot the bill to raise pay for care workers?

As public sector workers strike over pay in Liverpool, Phoebe Dempster holds a banner in support of her care worker mother.

Photograph: Christopher Thomond for The Guardian. for the Guardian

What is to be done about the scandal of low pay in the social care sector? With 100 care agencies under investigation for failure to pay the national minimum wage, shortchanging an estimated 160,000 workers, there’s an understandable sense of outrage on behalf of this vast but low-profile workforce.

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Elderly people grieving the death of a loved one are often misdiagnosed as depressed

When they’re actually just lonely

  • Doctors often mistake bereavement with depression,  researchers warn
  • Rather than prescribing drugs, more should be done to tackle loneliness

Suffering from bereavement, many older people seek help from a GP to cope with the crushing feelings of loneliness.

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