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Angry response to social care cuts

    by Sarah Bull, Huddersfield Daily Examiner Feb 25 2011

Consider the Examiner report on the protest by carers and disabled people against proposed cuts in services to vulnerable children and adults.

A group of desperate people, representing many others in similar situations, made their voices heard at Huddersfield Town Hall. According to councillors they were “rabble”, “loons’’ and “scaremongers”.

Paul Burstow MP speech at the Dementia workshop

Paul Burstow MP speech at the Dementia workshop.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence


Funding for care not reduced

By nick horner news reporter

FUNDING for respite care “will not be reduced”, allaying concerns of a support group for disabled children in Walsall which feared carers being pushed to breaking point.

Walsall Council has said despite grant cuts from central government of 12.9 per cent next year, funding for short breaks has not been affected.

Family Voice Walsall had raised concerns that any cuts to respite provision by the authority could give carers the stark choice between the constant stress of caring for their child full time or putting them in full-time residential care.