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Britain is bottom of Euro league table at diagnosing Alzheimer’s

Britain is bottom of Euro league table at diagnosing Alzheimer’s

Britons with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease take twice as long to be diagnosed as sufferers living in other European countries, research has found.

By Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent 9:00PM GMT 26 Feb 2011

The UK has come bottom of a league table comparing dementia care in European countries, with an average time lag of two years and eight months between signs of Alzheimer’s disease being suspected by carers, and the medical diagnosis being made.

Delays were more than twice as long in Britain as in Italy and Germany, and nine months longer than in Poland.

Paul Burstow MP speech at the Dementia workshop

Paul Burstow MP speech at the Dementia workshop.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence


Carer Swap Shop

“Good morning and welcome to the Carer Swap Shop. The aim of the shop is to help patients select a carer of their choice.

We need to sort out a few details first before the selection process can take place. This should only take a few minutes and then we can pass on to the actual selection.

Now, the carer you have brought with you, why do you want to change him?

I see, reaching retirement age and starting to slow down and you really think it’s time for a change. Well, I must admit, he does look a bit tired and worn out. Creaking joints, reluctant to move out of favourite chair and started to read the Daily Mail.

These next questions are mainly tick boxes:-

1)   In bed at night does he:-
a)   Snore loudly
b)   Move constantly
c)   Shout in his sleep
d)   Mumble a lot
e)    Any other activity