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Norwich shoppers taken by surprise as singers break out into song

Norwich shoppers taken by surprise as singers break out into song in John Lewis
Sunday, February 27, 2011
7:13 PM

A Norwich department store was filled with the sound of people singing as awareness was raised of memory-loss conditions.

Members of Come Singing!, singing groups in Norfolk for people of all ages living with dementia, their friends and families, took shoppers by surprise as they broke out in song in John Lewis on Saturday morning.

More than 100 people joined in the spirited rendition of Oh What a Beautiful Morning, as singers sprung up from chairs in the mezzanine cafe bar, lined the balcony and emerged from behind shelves and stands downstairs.

Grandad are you going to die?

Norm’s fight against the terrible disease of alzheimers.

Telling us about an important day for dementia.


These hands which have:

These hands which have:

Written exams
Played the piano
Played symphonies
Played the fool
Sensously touched
Clouted the kids
Peeled the spuds
Practised First Aid
Washed and ironed
Shaken with celebrities
Pointed the way for strangers
Eaten fish and chips on a street corner
Pushed the car
And rocked the cradle,
Are now yours to:
lift and carry
Feed and wash
Dress and undress
Comb and spary
Guide and hold
Stroke and caress
Comfort and reassure
And tuck you up,.

But they are still mine to wipe away my tears.