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The East Coast truckers convey must not end! What a wonderful day today!

Picture gallery: East Coast Truckers convoy could be its last

Sunday, August 28, 2011
6:55 PM

Trucks parade along the A47 at Blofield for the East Coast Truckers 2011 convoy to Pleasurewood Hills. Photo by Simon Finlay

Norwich woke up to the sound of honking horns this morning (Sunday) as children from across the county and beyond sat proudly in truck cabins travelling in style to Great Yarmouth and Pleasurewood Hills. 

In streets and lay-bys along the route from the city to the seaside town, thousands lined up waving flags and cheering as the East Coast Truckers convoy of 83 trucks set off on a day out for 73 disadvantaged children including those with disabilities, the terminally-ill and children with learning difficulties.

The East Coast Truckers’ Charity “Children’s Convoy”


The East Coast Truckers’ Charity “Children’s Convoy” will run on Sunday 28th August this year. The convoy is unique as we take children out for a day in trucks, so far as we know it is the only one in the world that has been going for 25 Years. However, this year it has been extremely hard to get cover from the authorities, we have now found a solution and it is thanks to all the support we have received we can run this year. We will as usual be putting safety first with our special person in the trucks. We will have a maximum speed limit of 30 MPH, which must be adhered to at all times.

This Convoy could well be the last.

The route will be the same as in previous years and it will unfortunately cause some disruption to other road users as we pass through with our cargo of special needs children. If you are inconvenienced in any way please be patient and if you can give the children on the convoy a big wave, they will just love your support.

Charity cash stolen from 6 year old disabled boy who has Rett Syndrome

Raiders ransack disabled boy’s room to steal charity cash

Monday, July 18, 2011

RAIDERS broke into a severely disabled boy’s bedroom and ransacked the house before stealing £300 of charity cash.

The thieves broke into the house of six-year-old Chris Dupree, in the early hours of Saturday, stealing money which was ready to be used as the float for the James Hopkins Trust family fun day yesterday.


Chris, who has Rett syndrome and is unable to walk or talk, had his Abbeydale bedroom turned upside down as the thieves looked for their loot.