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Devoted carer wins national award

Saturday, December 8, 2012
7:30 AM


A SUFFOLK woman who has devoted most of her life to caring for her brain-injured brother has won national recognition for her commitment.

Tracy Beckingham - Carer of the Year

Tracy Beckingham, 48, from Leiston, was presented with the Headway Carer of the Year award for giving round-the-clock care to her brother Darren, has lived with severe brain injury since being knocked off of his bike in 1986.

Aged 15, he spent ten weeks in hospital before being returned home to Ipswich, where his family assisted him in relearning the most basic of functions like swallowing.

Tracy was 21 when the accident happened, but she immediately dedicated her life to helping her mother look after Darren, feed him, bathe him, assist with his rehabilitation exercises, and give him with love and support.

Tracy eventually moved out of the family home, and Darren now has help from care support workers, but she continues to visit each morning, despite living 30 miles away and working full time.

She also stays over one night a week to provide Darren with the round-the-clock care he requires, in addition to looking after him at the weekends, and allowing her mother Margaret.

Tracy said: “I really didn’t think I would win. There were so many emotional stories of other people nominated.

Brain tumour charities lobby Parliament

Charities lobbied Parliament last week, asking MPs to join the fight against brain tumours.

MPs were encouraged to improve awareness about brain tumours by pledging to sign an Early Day Motion, signing an e-petition, and to do more to promote awareness of brain tumours in their constituencies and to participate in meetings of the All Party Brain Tumour Group. Several Members of Parliament were photographed signing a Brain Tumour Pledge to help raise the issues with Parliament (Conservative MP Andrew Selous is pictured above).

New state-of-the-art loo helps Norfolk mum’s campaign for disabled dignity

A campaigning mum has taken a major step in improving the lives of severely disabled residents after helping to get a new state-of-the-art toilet facility installed in north Norfolk.

Lucy Clapham Friday, March 23, 2012
1:02 PM

 Debbie Green has finally got the disabled toilet and changing area she has been campaigning for. Pictured in the new room at Glanford with builder and landlord Roger Combe. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

Debbie Green has been pushing for years to get more of the pioneering “changing place” toilets built in her home county after having her son Alistair, who was left brain damaged following his premature birth.

The “enchanting” young man died in 2008 aged 17 but Mrs Green has continued her fight to see more of the much-needed facilities installed.