Brain tumour charities lobby Parliament

Charities lobbied Parliament last week, asking MPs to join the fight against brain tumours.

MPs were encouraged to improve awareness about brain tumours by pledging to sign an Early Day Motion, signing an e-petition, and to do more to promote awareness of brain tumours in their constituencies and to participate in meetings of the All Party Brain Tumour Group. Several Members of Parliament were photographed signing a Brain Tumour Pledge to help raise the issues with Parliament (Conservative MP Andrew Selous is pictured above).

Chair of the Brain Tumour Consortium, Ian Gibson said:

“We are calling on MPs not to forget brain tumours and to do what they can to ensure that a fairer, more proportionate amount of research spend is devoted to brain tumour research, that NICE’s best practice guidance from 2006 is finally implemented and that health workers are given the support they need to make prompt, accurate diagnosis of brain tumours. It is only by making advances in all three of these areas outcomes for people with brain tumours will start to improve. The first step in doing this is to get MPs
and Government to understand just how many people are affected by brain tumours.”

You can read more about the lobby, and the issues surrounding brain tumour, on the Brain Tumour Research website. (With thanks to BTR for use of the image).