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Britain’s oldest surviving prisoner of war, 97, is living on charity handouts

In fear of eviction SIX MONTHS after his London council vowed to meet his care costs

  • Robbie Clark, 97, has lived in his Burnt Oak, London, home for 50 years
  • He spent all of his £50,000 life savings over two years on a live-in carer
  • Brent Council apparently vowed to meet care costs following a petition
  • But six months on, council has failed to honour its promise, it is claimed
  • Now, Mr Clark, Britain’s oldest prisoner of war, is living in fear of eviction

A 97-year-old man thought to be Britain’s oldest surviving prisoner of war is living in fear of eviction six months after his council vowed to meet his care costs – and allegedly failed to keep its promise.

Robbie Clark, one of the few UK soldiers to have survived Hitler’s 1,000-mile death march, is also surviving on charity handouts at his north London home, where he has lived for the past 50 years.

Sorry, love: Harrogate care home will use ‘darling’, despite CQC warning

Skills 4 Living centre to continue to use terms of endearment, while CQC says individual preferences must be respected

A carer holding a patient’s hand. Photograph: Terry Vine/Blend Images/Corbis

A Harrogate care home has vowed to continue using terms of endearment such as “love” and “darling” in spite of a warning from inspectors.

The Harrogate Skills 4 Living centre was told to improve its caring after inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) overheard carers using terms that “could be regarded as demeaning and patronising”.

Revealed: the hidden lives of the UK’s 6.5 million carers

Caring is an activity most of us will do at some point in our lives but it usually goes on behind lace curtains.

Top photographer Chris Steele-Perkins aims to change that by putting caring into sharp focus in his latest exhibition
Dawn Hart and her twins, Grace and Ethan, who are both severely disabled. Dawn and her husband, Garry, are both full-time carer, as 6.5 million other Britons. Photograph: Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum

Dawn Hart’s son, Ethan, had only been at home from hospital for six days when he stopped breathing. It was midnight on a Sunday and she was breastfeeding him in bed.