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Dementia victims ‘written off by families’

Relatives and care staff found to be too pessimistic about activities sufferers can manage which could worse the condition

  • Alzheimer’s disease sufferers worse when their families give up on them 
  • Families and care home staff believe sufferers cannot do leisure activities
  • Researchers found dementia sufferers benefited from regular stimulation
  • Patients suffer greater agitation when the illness progresses  

Elderly people with dementia are too readily written off by relatives and carers, research suggests.

A study of care home residents found staff and families were overly-pessimistic about the types of activities that relations and patients were capable off.

One million older people in need ‘struggle alone’

There are 10 million people over the age of 65 in England

A million older people in England struggling with everyday tasks, such as washing and dressing, are being left to fend for themselves, campaigners say.

The Age UK review identified more than three million people aged over 65 with a care need, but found just two-thirds of them were actually getting help.

Warning of impact of £73m cuts on Norfolk’s disabled people

Dan Grimmer
Mark Harrison, CEO of Equal Lives. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Norfolk County Council needs to make £111m of savings over three years

A disability rights organisation has warned that worst case scenario cuts of £73m in spending on adult social care could leave some of Norfolk’s most vulnerable people “dejected and abandoned”.

Norfolk County Council needs to make £111m of savings over three years, so every committee has been asked to plan to be spending 25pc less in three years time.

That would save £169m, so not all the cuts and savings proposed will happen, but councillors wanted options so they have some element of choice.