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Should we have more access to our medical records?

Patients should be given “full and unfettered” access to their medical records, Norfolk MP George Freeman will tell parliament today as he calls for a change in the law so patients own their own medical data.In a Ten Minute Rule Bill the Mid Norfolk MP will call for patients to be able to hand their medical data over to researchers to help drive new treatments for hard-to-cure diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer.

His bill is supported by more than 50 UK medical charities including the prostate cancer campaign group Movember, Marie Curie, the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, and a number of leading research doctors.

George Freeman MP said that patient records were too often sitting on hospital shelves gathering dust – allowing failed treatments to be repeated over and over without anyone gathering the evidence to see what works and what fails – and why.

Council care-rating website goes live

The Adult Social Care Outcomes site brings together existing data into one location to allow service users to find out more about care services in their council area, and compare options.

On the website, individuals can select their local authority, or type in a postcode, to find out how carers and service users rate local services. Ratings cover areas including quality of life, satisfaction with services, and safety.

Angela Rippon: We need to end the dementia crisis now

HOSPITALS must be made more dementia-friendly if the NHS is going to cope with a surge in sufferers, TV’s Angela Rippon said yesterday.

Angela Rippon wants to put dementia patients at the heart of hospital design

Even some of the most modern hospitals are wholly unsuitable environments for people affected by this condition

The older people’s champion and dementia ambassador campaigns to improve the lives of patients, their ­families and carers.