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A Carer’s Story

Dementia Carers’ Support Service

Barry Sutton is a volunteer with CPFT’s Dementia Carers’ Support Service. Barry is one of a number of volunteers with lived experience of caring for someone with dementia who will support carers who are currently looking after a loved one with the disease. Barry tells us his story…

In February 2002, my wife Anne, who was 52 and a care assistant, had been having problems with remembering things at work. There followed a long diagnostic process, considering all the possible causes, but she was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in November 2002 after an MRI scan.

Advisers to visit hospital patients

Advisers to visit hospital patients

9th September 2013

Older hospital patients in Norwich will be visited by advisers to help alleviate worries which may arise during their stay.

It is hoped that by removing any stress created by their spell in hospital, the patient can concentrate on getting better.

The Hospital And Home project sees Age UK Norfolk and Age UK Norwich working with Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Advisers will visit Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital hospital three times a week, offering support at the bedside.

Dr Peter Forster, chairman of Age UK Norfolk, said: “We hope that the combination of acute hospital expertise with charitable sector knowledge of working in the community will prove a powerful force in improving the experience of older people in acute hospitals and facilitating their prompt return to their communities and homes.

Kidney checks on hospital patients ‘would save lives’

Kidney checks on hospital patients ‘would save lives’

Patient being given water to drink Most people who develop AKI are over the age of 65

Hospital patients should have their kidneys checked to spot a potentially lethal condition affecting one in six of those admitted, say new guidelines.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says the NHS in England could save at least 12,000 lives and millions of pounds a year if it follows its advice.

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is almost entirely preventable but kills up to one in every four sufferers.

Good hydration is key, says NICE.Basic checks

Healthcare professionals should be monitoring their patient’s kidney function by checking they have enough to drink or have been given a fluid drip.

They should also keep close tabs on how much urine patients are passing and may want to order blood tests to help them spot early warning signs of dehydration.