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Family carers face postcode lottery

Councils differ in level of discretion they give practitioners in determining eligibility and extent of outsourcing of assessments

Photo credit: Jeff Brackler/Rex Features

Carers face a postcode lottery in access to support because of significant variations in the way councils carry out assessments, determine eligibility and allocate resources, a study has found.

The research identified differences between authorities in thresholds for accessing support, the extent to which councils allowed professionals discretion in the way they determined eligibility and in resource allocation systems for determining the size of carer personal budgets. There was also variation in the extent to which councils outsourced the provision of carers’ assessments to external organisations, such as local carers’ centres.

What’s it like to work as a care worker over Christmas?

  The role of carers in social care is crucial over the festive period. We speak to UK carers about their experience of the job

Every year tens of thousands of dedicated care and social care workers are needed to help look after vulnerable people over Christmas. Their role is crucial over the festive period, but what’s it like to work in the job during Yuletide?

“It’s not a job just for the money,” says Susan Law, who has worked as a care worker for more than 30 years for Leonard Cheshire Disability. “You’ve got to have a love of people and a willingness to help.”

Christmas is a particularly important time of year for carers, who look after the most vulnerable people in our communities. Their role at Christmas is to get each of the patients dressed and ready for the day with their families. “The continuity is important for those patients – they see a familiar face and keep their usual routine,” says Debra Watson, a care worker for Bluebird Care in Petersfield. “I particularly enjoy Christmas Day, going in and wishing everyone a merry Christmas.”

The Observer view on the future facing Britain’s ageing population

With imagination, we can all benefit from the baby boomers’ talents

    • The Observer,

       Britain’s ageing population has talents that can be utilised to their own, and society’s, benefit.

On Thursday, in Florida, the International Council on Active Ageing holds its annual conference, attracting 9,000 members from 37 countries. It was among the first to recognise the economic potential of millions of baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, now approaching the final third of their lives. Some will continue to work because they wish to or have no choice. Others are involuntarily unemployed. In the UK, some, from next year, will have access to their pension pots without the need to buy an annuity, giving them resources to spend when, and on what, they wish.