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Carers – Being the connection in communication

Guest blog by matthew mckenzie

A blog for carers of mental health – Welcome back to another blog post from a fellow carer.

I would like you to check out the following scenario.

Just imaging this. Here we have a patient who talks to the doctor, the doctor sometimes struggles to understand the patient, then the doctor contacts the mental health consultant, the mental health consultant then contacts the care coordinator, the care coordinator contacts the patient, the patient then contacts an advocate and the advocate contacts the doctor, the doctor contacts the social worker who in turn speaks to the care coordinator who then is too busy to contact the patient who in turn does not contact anyone for a long time sinking futher into relapse.

Social media should be an essential part of new social workers’ toolkits

Digital media enables professionals to communicate more effectively with service users and each other

Claudia Megele, senior lecturer, Middlesex University, and head of practice learning, Enfield council

Guardian Professional,

As social media becomes more ingrained in society, so its adoption and acceptance in social work and social care will become more normalised. Photograph: Jens Kalaene/dpa/Corbis

From production and management of services to workforce development and community engagement strategy, local authorities and councillors are exploring the potential of digital media for co-production and enhancement of services. The fast pace of technology means greater and more powerful means of collaboration and transformation of services and the workforce.

Now is the time to create a combined health and social care system

4th September 2014

Merging two leaky buckets does not provide a watertight solution.

NHS England’s chief executive, Simon Stevens, recently told the Health Select Committee that merging two leaky buckets does not provide a watertight solution. It is for this reason that the growing problems in the NHS and social care cannot be solved by the Better Care Fund or any of the other short-term solutions on offer. Nothing less than a fundamental reform of the funding of health and social care services and citizens’ entitlements to publicly funded support is required to address these problems.