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How can the third sector help improve support for carers?

Personalisation has the potential to bring real benefits for carers – but charities will have to become more entrepreneurial

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Personalisation can lead to better relationships between carers and the people they care for. Photograph: Ondrea Barbe/Corbis

Carers play a vital role in meeting social care needs and their numbers are expected to grow rapidly as the population ages and medical advances continue. The government has committed to tailoring services to the needs of carers as well as those they care for. The personalisation agenda arguably offers the opportunity to do this.

Third sector organisations have traditionally played a significant role in supporting carers. Arguably too, their mission, skills, and networks put them in a better position than many to provide personalised support. The Third Sector Research Centre has been looking at how the personalisation agenda is affecting third sector services, looking particularly at support for carers. Following a literature review and workshop with key stakeholders, we interviewed those working in third sector organisations, and within related roles in the public sector.

Healthcare cannot be sold like an iPad

It is time to reject the market ideology that has plagued the NHS for more than 30 years and wasted billions

Guardian Professional,

Evidence from other parts of the world suggests healthcare cannot be marketed and run like PC World or Dixons.

NHS England is embarking on its single biggest outsourcing of services so far by inviting bids for a contract that will be worth between £700m and £1.1bn. The sale of NHS services is fragmenting the health service and having a negative impact on patient experience.

Carers’ fury as ‘lifeline’ day centres face the axe

These are not leisure centres. They are a vital lifeline

Northfields in Moston and Eric Hobin, in Charlestown, will close from next year – a move now approved by the council

Two Manchester day centres are to shut in a bid to save £1.7m despite a backlash from campaigners.

Northfields in Moston and Eric Hobin, in Charlestown , will close from next year.