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Women own most of the UK’s tablet computers says study

There are now more tablet computers owned by women than men in the UK, according to a study.

YouGov’s latest Tablet Tracker report indicates that women owned 52% of the country’s touchscreen computers in May.

That’s a reversal of the position last year when the pollster put the figure at 43%.

It suggests the turnaround is driven by both the release of smaller tablets and women getting hold of second-hand devices.

Aberdeen firm unveils wheelchair-friendly cars

AN Aberdeen-based car club today launched the UK’s first wheelchair adapted vehicle for street hires by the public.

The new service, launched by Aberdeen’s Co-Wheels car club, will provide a car, accessible to wheelchair users, that can be hired by their carers or family on a pay-as-you-go basis.

A club spokeswoman explained: “The new service will remove the need to own such a vehicle for what maybe infrequent use. Many elderly people confined to wheelchairs are unable to get out from their care homes simply because they and their family do not have access to such a vehicle.

Neighbourhood watch groups could help with elderly care

Neighbourhood watch groups in England could provide companionship and practical help for pensioners living alone, under an idea being considered.

 Ministers say more collaboration is needed between the state and voluntary groups

Social care minister Norman Lamb said many older people were living “very lonely lives”, without family support.

While professional care remained vital, something extra was needed, he said.

The “principle of neighbourliness” could be extended to address the “extraordinary challenge” presented by an ageing society, he told the BBC.

There are 173,000 neighbourhood watch groups in England and Wales, a scheme which started in the 1980s to encourage local residents to report suspicious behaviour in their area and to help prevent burglaries.