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Controversial social care cuts likely to be ditched

but Norfolk council tax bills would rise to cover cost

15:12 25 January 2016

Hundreds take to the streets of Norwich for mental health cuts protest

Demonstrators at the March for Mental Health demonstration in Norwich. Credit: Nick O’Brien.

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Norwich today to protest against cuts to mental health services.

The march was organised by Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Crisis, a campaign group set up by front-line health staff and people who rely on the support of the NHS.

Alex Walton is giving out envelopes randomly hiding them around Norwich.

They contain a Christmas story he’s written and small gifts – either an inspirational card or £5, a cinema ticket or a voucher – which he hopes will bring strangers some cheer at Xmas.

Sometimes the kindness of strangers is exactly what you need to realise that you’re not alone.

Norwich man Alex Walton has a Christmas mission: to deliver messages of hope and festive cheer to 100 strangers in the hope that he will find people who truly need to connect with a compassionate heart at a time of year when loneliness can feel amplified to deafening levels of hopelessness.