Norfolk carers charity close to £750,000 milestone

A remarkable milestone is set to be passed by a Norfolk charity dedicated to making life better for the thousands of unpaid carers of all ages in the county.

Paddy Seligman is chairman of the Norfolk Millennium Trust for Carers.

The Norfolk Millennium Trust for Carers has given grants to no fewer than 2,413 individual carers and 51 groups during its 15-year existence and the total amount of money paid out is set to top £750,000 by the end of April.

More than £500,000 has come from the income from investments, while the rest is money donated for specific items like laptops for young carers and wheelchair power packs.

And its work continues as the number of carers grows and the squeeze on health and social care budgets adds to the 24/7 pressures of looking after a loved-one. The Trust fills gaps in state provision, helping some of the most deserving, and often most neglected, people in our community.

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