Virtual community for family carers

We are a peer support group that started on the internet in 2002 because we heard that many carers were unable to leave their home on account of caring for a loved one, and sometimes more than one person.

Chill4usCarers has created a safe place for carers and past carers to share and care for one another in our on line community.

We have hundreds of new posts on our forum each day and a regular daily chat with special chats arranged throughout the month.

Carers feel forgotten by society but now they have their own virtual community to keep in touch.

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  1. Jo says:

    I am writing a book the aim is to create light relief for carers . A book that can be read at any page in between caring for loved ones. If you have been affected by or have Dementia and would like have so…me of your story published within a book, then please take a look at

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