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450,000 elderly people 'facing Christmas alone' this year

Age UK is calling for elderly people to contact its support services rather than spend Christmas alone as research finds that many have no-one to turn to as the festive period approaches


Many elderly people are facing Christmas alone, the charity Age UK warned.

More than a quarter of pensioners are not looking forward to Christmas because of loneliness and concerns that it brings back bad memories, according to research.

Some 26 per cent of older people – the equivalent of 2.8 million in Britain – suggested that the festive season would not be a time of happiness this year.

It emerged that some 450,000 over-65s faced the prospect of Christmas alone while large numbers of also feared it “brought back too many memories of those who had passed away”.

Research also found that almost one-in-five had concerns about not being able to get out because of the cold weather and shorter days.

‘Happiness is more important than a long life’

Judge rules that pensioner who ‘hates’ her care home can return to her house – even though it might cut her life short

  • High Court Judge says: ‘Long life isn’t always justified at cost of happiness’
  • He ruled woman can go back to home shared with partner for 30 years
  • Even though ‘she may die as result of sudden deterioration in condition’
  • Unnamed woman has severe diabetes and requires 24 hour care

By Amanda Williams


A woman confined to a care home on the orders of a court has been freed to return home – even if the move costs her her life.

The 67-year-old – identified only as M – has mild mental impairment and life-threatening diabetes.

She will be allowed to live in her bungalow, cared for by her partner of 30 years, and  visiting nurses and social workers.

Five million carers do not have ‘control’ over their lives

Three quarters of carers in Britain say they are losing “control” of their lives, major study shows


Carers putting their own health at risk, census shows

NHS research found that growing numbers of carers are having to put their own lives on hold to support disabled or elderly loved-ones.

The study showed that more than half of those with caring responsibilities are struggling with disabilities or illnesses of their own – in many cases for decades on end.

The recent national census showed that 10 per cent of the entire population of the UK – or 6.5 million people – provide regular unpaid care to someone else, with over a third of them dedicating more than 20 hours a week.

But a survey of 58,000 carers in England by the Government’s Health and Social Care Information Centre showed that for all but a handful it is now having a major impact on their own lives, careers and even health.