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An iPad gave my son with disabilities a voice – and changed his life

Kevin is a changed guy.

For most of us, our voices emanate from our own vocal chords. For Kevin, our 20-year-old son with Mowat Wilson Syndrome – a developmental disability – his words are battery-charged, delivered by an app and wrapped protectively in royal blue silicone. And we love his voice.

By the age of two, we knew that Kevin had severe language issues. We held onto the hope that, by age 10 – an important milestone in speech development – he would have words with which to communicate. Perhaps it was naïve on our part; it didn’t happen. When he was 13, we accepted what limited progress he had made, stopped thinking about what he could not do and focused on the everyday things he could achieve.

Warning of ‘looming catastrophe’ with Norfolk County Council’s £26m IT project

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A “catastrophe looming’.
A £26m project to transform Norfolk County Council’s information technology system has been branded as a “looming catastrophe”, after delays and problems sent it £1.25m over budget.

The Digital Norfolk Ambition project – a tie-up between the council and technology giants Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Vodafone – was hailed as “ground-breaking” when the deal was agreed in December 2013.

14% of adults permanently offline, despite online benefits

1st June 2015 by

According to a new report by Ofcom, 14% of adults surveyed don’t use the internet at all, despite the benefits that being online can bring.

Despite having never been online, this lack of use isn’t purely born from a lack of interest – in fact 34% of non-users say they see at least one benefit of being online.