An iPad gave my son with disabilities a voice – and changed his life

Kevin is a changed guy.

For most of us, our voices emanate from our own vocal chords. For Kevin, our 20-year-old son with Mowat Wilson Syndrome – a developmental disability – his words are battery-charged, delivered by an app and wrapped protectively in royal blue silicone. And we love his voice.

By the age of two, we knew that Kevin had severe language issues. We held onto the hope that, by age 10 – an important milestone in speech development – he would have words with which to communicate. Perhaps it was naïve on our part; it didn’t happen. When he was 13, we accepted what limited progress he had made, stopped thinking about what he could not do and focused on the everyday things he could achieve.

Kevin always had the desire to be understood. He is driven to connect with people and he always used whatever means he could. Even before the iPad arrived, we had helped him learn sign language and surrounded him with pictures and other visual items that he could use to get his message across. But the results were haphazard at best.

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3 Responses to An iPad gave my son with disabilities a voice – and changed his life

  1. Denise jeffrey says:

    i got a family member with a kind of form of asd and would love to get one of these i pads how where would i get one of theses i pad please?

  2. wendy says:

    Chill4usCarers gives an IT tablet out for free to a family carer who qualify and live in Norfolk, so I hope someone else can advice you on this.

    These people may know, they have always been helpful with our members who are disabled.

  3. chenrezig says:

    Denise, I would definitely give Aidis a call.

    If only tablets had been around when dear Dad developed aphasia after a series of strokes, they would have made communciation so much easier …

    I have a disabled friend who “swears” by them .. she uses it to do her shopping, pay bills, book holidays and keep in touch with her family and friends.

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