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Millions of elderly 'to lose vital care in funding shake-up'

Older patients too frail to get out of bed may not receive home help

  • Millions of elderly people could be denied home help, Age UK warns
  • More pensioners may have to rely on ‘flying’ 15-minute home visits
  • Ministers are currently drawing up plans for new national care system

By Sophie Borland


Millions of elderly people could be denied vital care under a Government shake-up of the funding system, a leading charity has warned.

There are fears older patients too frail to get out of bed by themselves will be denied home help on the state because they are not deemed dependent enough.

Age UK also warns that further cuts to the social care budget will lead to many more elderly having to rely on ‘flying’ 15-minute home visits.


Warning: Elderly people could be denied vital care under a Government shake-up, Age UK has warned

Launch of The Big Tea in aid of Independent Age

Big Tea week 1 – 7 October 2013


The Big TeaIf you want to make a difference to the lives of older vulnerable people, sign up now to get involved with this year’s Big Tea. You can hold a tea at home, at your work place or at school. Let’s make this year’s Big Tea bigger and better than ever! You’ll find everything you need in your Big Tea Pack. Check out last year’s photo gallery to get you inspired.

Working parents may hit ‘ceiling’

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF)

Baby hand wrapped around father's finger
The report was commissioned to probe whether Universal Credit, which combines six different benefits and tax credits into one simplified payment, will achieve its goal of making work pay. It suggested that people without children will generally have stronger incentives to work.

Moving into “mini jobs” of up to 10 hours a week would see families better off under the shake-up, but working beyond this threshold results in a slow climb towards a higher disposable income, it found. Families could end up “trapped” on inadequate funds to get by.
The system risks being undermined by high childcare costs combined with low wages and sharp cuts in Universal Credit once families earn above certain thresholds, the report, titled Does Universal Credit Enable Households To Reach A Minimum Income Standard? said.

Donald Hirsch, from the centre for research in social policy at Loughborough University and author of the report, said the rewards for working extra hours under Universal Credit can be “tiny”. He said: “Parents hit a ceiling where a lid is placed on the aspiration to work more hours for an adequate income, because the return is negligible.”