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Welfare payment cuts are unjust and target the most vulnerable in society

Welfare cuts unjust, say four churches

 The churches say poor people are misrepresented as being lazy

Four churches have joined forces to accuse the government of welfare payment cuts they say are unjust and target society’s most vulnerable.

The Easter criticism has come from the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist and United Reformed Churches, and the Church of Scotland.

They also want to see a change to “a false picture” of the poor as “lazy”.

The government said society suffered when people were paid more to be unemployed than to work.

A series of changes to benefits are being made in April – including capping rises on working-age benefits at 1% – which will affect hundreds of thousands of households across the UK.

Ministers say they are necessary to tackle the rising cost to the taxpayer.

Wonderful volunteers helping the sick and carers stuck in the snow

Volunteers help nurses reach critically ill patients

22 March 2013
Snow response in north Wales

As heavy weather causes disruption across the UK, our volunteers are helping nurses reach critically ill patients and delivering vital medication through the snow.

Following a call-out from health officials in North Wales, Red Cross emergency response teams are currently using Land Rover 4×4 vehicles to provide help in very challenging circumstances.

One team is battling through the blustery conditions to ensure nurses can continue to reach – and treat – the critically ill in their own homes. Another Land Rover is being used to run vital insulin supplies to the homes of patients.

Help for pensioners and carers who live in London

A winter warmer for pensioners and their carers

Friday, 25 January 2013

Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor and London Assembly member on our new campaign to make sure older Londoners get the benefits they’re entitled to. 

It is sad to think in these difficult times that many pensioners in London may be missing out on an extra £35 a week, or £1,800 a year in pension credits. That’s why we’re running a new campaign to raise awareness and remind older people that they are able to claim.