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Carers are collapsing from stress



Melanie Cook, left, and daughter Amy are both full-time carers

Sunday June 12,2011

By Jane Clinton

CARERS are becoming physically and mentally ill as they struggle to look after loved ones, a report reveals.

Carers Week 2011 said 75 per cent had suffered ill health as a result of their work. Of these, 76 per cent had mental health problems, mainly depression, anxiety and stress.

Nearly half (49 per cent) had a disability or illness. Of those, 26 per cent are physically disabled and 47 per cent have mental health problems.

Moira Fraser, director of policy at the Princess Royal Trust for Carers, said Britain’s six million carers, who save the country £119billion a year, needed far greater support.

4 out of 5 carers in the SE fear consequences of cuts to care services

4 out of 5 carers in the SE fear consequences of cuts to care services

4:10pm Saturday 11th June 2011

Nearly 80 per cent of unpaid carers in the South East are worried about cuts to services, according to new research for Carers Week 2011 (13-19 June). Almost half don’t know how they will cope as the axe falls on some of the vital support they rely on.

The cuts to services compound the financial sacrifice people make when they start looking after someone who is ill, frail or disabled. Three quarters of those surveyed say they are worse off financially since taking on their caring responsibilities.

When people are forced onto benefits they find that Carer’s Allowance is the lowest benefit of its kind. leaving The Carers Week research shows that two thirds of carers are surprised at how little help they get from the government.

Financial woes of Norfolk’s carers revealed

“Sometimes it was a decision of do we buy Tina’s medication or do we buy food?”  When will the government realize what it is like to be a carer in the UK today?

Financial woes of Norfolk’s carers revealed

By KIM BRISCOE, Health correspondent

 Saturday, June 11, 2011
11:54 AM 

The region’s carers are worth billions of pounds to our economy but are given so little financial support that they are left struggling to make ends meet. 

The extent of the country’s dependence on carers is revealed in new figures ahead of National Carers Week which starts on Monday.

The economic value of the contribution made by the UK’s carers is a remarkable £119bn
per year, according to a new report – considerably more than the annual cost of all aspects of the NHS, which was £98.8bn for 2009-10.