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The cuts carers are facing will bring greater costs in the long term

The cuts carers are facing will bring greater costs in the long term

Admissions to hospital and residential care will rise as carers are pushed to breaking point by a lack of support

 Tuesday 14 June 2011 12.16 BST


An elderly lady is helped to her chair in a care home in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

This week is Carers Week, a week where national charities and local groups are recognising the contribution made by the 6.4 million people in the UK who care, unpaid, for ill, frail or disabled friends or family. However, more than most, carers are facing increasingly difficult times.

Angela Rippon CARERS Week Interview 2011



TV presenter Angela Rippon talks about Carers Week, and her experience as a carer for her mother.

Supermarket staff trained to spy on customers

Supermarket staff trained to spy on customers

Health officials are training supermarket staff how to spy on customers’ shopping habits to identify carers who might need help.

Food chain at risk of being poisoned by terrorist groups

9:40AM BST 13 Jun 2011

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Workers are being taught how to spot people who look after elderly, sick and disabled relatives by the contents of their shopping baskets, so they can be advised about support they are entitled to.

Cashiers are being trained to discretely ask customers about their personal circumstances while serving them.

They can then put those requiring help in touch with charities that can provide information on financial and practical assistance and respite care.

The Department of Health claims the scheme will improve unpaid carers’ access to support which they might not realise is available to them.