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More Family Carers able to access the internet

Carers Online Success

Published: Jun 3rd, 2013 | Author: Laura


Get IT Together worked with Connecting Carers co-ordinator Jo Chenhall to provide a service for stay at home carers and allow them access to internet and digital inclusion training.   

What Happened

Connecting Carers delivers the Carers Centre Services of HCCF across the Highlands. Connecting Carers works in both urban and rural areas have built a strong reputation, both locally and nationally, for being the natural place to go to find out about issues affecting users of health and community care services and carers

Web guru warns of digital divide

Web guru warns of digital divide


By Simon O’Hare

Internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox has issued a stark warning about the dangers of a ‘two-tier society’ based on web access in her first speech at the House of Lords.

There are 16 million people who lack basic digital skills and seven million who have never been online, said Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, who became a peer in March.

“I see usage of and access to the internet as a basic right that all citizens should be able to enjoy,” she said.

The founder and UK Digital Champion said there needs to be a focus on developing skills and internet infrastructure to ensure sections of society are not left behind.

Modern life causing dementia earlier, study finds

Modern life is causing people to suffer dementia earlier than ever before, a study has found, with PCs, mobile phones, chemicals and electronic devices to blame.

Total neurological deaths in both men and women rose significantly in 16 of the countries covered by the research

Researchers found a sharp rise in the deaths from dementia and other neurological disease in under-74s, and believe that the figures cannot be explained away by the fact we live longer.

Instead the “epidemic” is down to the environmental and social changes in the modern world, the authors claim.