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Carers Online Success

Published: Jun 3rd, 2013 | Author: Laura


Get IT Together worked with Connecting Carers co-ordinator Jo Chenhall to provide a service for stay at home carers and allow them access to internet and digital inclusion training.   

What Happened

Connecting Carers delivers the Carers Centre Services of HCCF across the Highlands. Connecting Carers works in both urban and rural areas have built a strong reputation, both locally and nationally, for being the natural place to go to find out about issues affecting users of health and community care services and carers

Connecting Carers work with carers and young carers and are committed to reaching out to them wherever they may live in the Highlands. CC also reaches out to local businesses to ensure that carers within their organisation can be directed to us for help, support and information

Irene worked in partnership with Jo to ensure Get It Together could provide training right across the highland area, as and when the carers needed it and could attend.  Training sessions were organised in various locations, including Thurso, Tain, Dingwall and Inverness. 


Due to the nature of the carers commitments our tutors have had to be flexible to their needs but it is because of this that the session have been a success.  We have been able to work around the needs and ensure they are receiving training which fits around their demands. The sessions have now been running for a few weeks and have been a success, the carers group in Thurso have really enjoyed their session and progressing well.  Heather, the groups tutor, highlights the benefits of such training ‘it’s a really great group to train, they have been really getting into the internet and loving learning all the benefits which has to offer for them.’

Key Achievements

  • Targeting a new group of learners
  • Working with new partner
  • Diversifying from the normal groups worked with
  • Providing training for groups who otherswise would struggle to gain access
  • Connecting Carers being able to provide a new service to clients
  • Promoting the project across Highland
  • Delivering across Highland region via a pan Highland partner

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