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Heartache of seeing husband with dementia slowly dying

Valerie Davison of Long Sutton Valerie with pictures of her and and husband, whose in dementia care.

20th December 2013

A Long Sutton woman who is watching her husband “slowly dying before her eyes” has welcomed a global commitment to find a cure for dementia by 2025.

At the first ever G8 dementia summit in London last week, leading nations vowed to fund research to combat the relentless brain destruction that strikes so many.

The global number of dementia sufferers is expected to treble to 135 million by 2050 and Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to commit £132million for research, to be doubled by 2025.

However, for Valerie Davison (72), the promise of help has come too late.

Mrs Davison thought her husband, Jack, was just getting forgetful when the early signs of dementia began six years ago. She said: “He started forgetting things and I thought it was just old age, but then it got worse.”

We need help now to fight this illness

 COUPLE: Ray and Jean Boswell are united in their battle against the ravages of dementia.

 A HUSBAND whose wife is battling dementia has welcomed plans to double Britain’s spending on research into the disease in the hope of finding a cure by 2025.

But Ray Boswell, aged 75, of Stourport, says those with the disease and their carers need support “here and now” to cope with the impact of the devastating degenerative brain illness. Prime Minister David Cameron said a cure could be “within our grasp” when he addressed scientists, politicians and campaigners at the dementia summit in London this week, called by the UK as part of its year-long chairmanship of the G8.

Mr Cameron wants the Government to double public, commercial and charitable research and development in dementia, from £66 million in 2015, to £132 million by 2025. He said the world should be “just as resolute” in tackling dementia as it had been in the past against malaria, cancer, HIV and Aids.

CQC launches dementia services review

CQC launches dementia services review

The Care Quality Commission is to undertake unannounced inspections of 150 care homes and hospitals to review the care of people with dementia in England.

The news comes on the day the prime minister is hosting a G8 summit in London to develop an international plan to combat the condition.

CQC chief executive David Behan said it will be the first time the regulator has specifically reviewed care services for people with dementia. He said the CQC’s findings would create a national picture of “what works well and where improvements are required”.