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Daughter ‘failed by carers’ say parents

Congham: Daughter ‘failed by carers’ say parents
Published on Saturday 4 February 2012 10:32

A COUPLE have withdrawn their severely disabled daughter from supported accommodation after a “catalogue of unkept promises”.

In one incident, they claim carers failed to contact Bill and Jean Butt before leaving their 47-year-old daughter to wake up in hospital in pain, among strangers and unable to make herself understood.

Mr and Mrs Butt said they had done everything they could to work with care providers Dimensions and given them every chance but no longer had any faith that staffing problems would be resolved.

Nurse wins award for invention which will help people with asthma

Norfolk school nurse receives business award from university

Edited by Andy Porter

An innovative school nurse working in west Norfolk has received a prestigious award in recognition of his commitment to creating new ways to help people.
Paul Watson, [pictured right] a school nurse from Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust received the Alumni Success in Business Award from Professor Michael Thorne, [left] vice chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University.
He has been awarded the honour after bringing together his passion as an inventor and his nursing expertise to create a new type of pocket–sized ‘spacer’, a piece of equipment used by people with asthma. His invention could make it easier for patients across the country to efficiently use their asthma medication.

‘Late’ asthma research unearths potential new treatment

13 August 2011 Last updated at 04:12

More than 5 million people in the UK suffer from asthma.

Scientists have stumbled on a potential new treatment for delayed asthma attacks which can occur several hours after exposure to allergens, a study shows.

A team from Imperial College London found that blocking sensory nerve functions stopped a “late asthmatic response” in mice and rats.

Around half of people with asthma experience delayed symptoms.

The charity Asthma UK says the research could help the understanding of asthma.