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Recognition and support must go hand in hand for unpaid carers

It’s with pleasure we feature the latest guest blog from Tony Hunter, Chief Executive of the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).

As part of our call for evidence coverage, he explains why it’s so important that we work together to improve support for unpaid carers…

‘The new strategy will focus on issues that perhaps have been overlooked in the past, such as carers’ health and financial concerns.’

My colleague knows it but finds it difficult to admit: he says that it’s taken some time to realise that he’s a carer.

This is something that often happens because carers may be supporting family members and it naturally feels second nature to do so. After all, they love the person involved, but it can also be a challenge. It’s important therefore that carers, however they wish to be referred to, are properly recognised and supported for the unpaid work they do.

My colleague’s son has a disability and, in a blog which asks if he’s too stoic, he explores his own feelings around describing himself as a carer. This is important. Carers UK say that one in eight adults care, unpaid, for family and friends. Within our lifetime, there will be nine million carers.

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Children in care ‘too often denied mental health treatment’

What is your vision of a compassionate healthcare organisation?

Over the next few months, researchers at Coventry University (@CovUni_CTEHR) are working with NHS England to understand the characteristics of compassionate healthcare organisations.

We will be running a number of projects to inform this work and to underpin future developments by NHS England to support NHS commissioners and providers to be ‘compassionate organisations’.
We want to know what you think a ‘compassionate healthcare organisation’ looks like

This research campaign is happening right now. We will be collecting all tweets with the hashtag #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion from the project launch date of 21 April 2016, focussing on the first month’s tweets.

It’s easy to take part. Just tweet your views about what activities, actions, policies, philosophies, approaches, demonstrate that a healthcare organisation is compassionate using the hashtag #ShowsWorkplaceCompassion.

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