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Disabled volunteers humiliated by council venue blunder

Sylvia Stonnart was one of a group of five registered-disabled volunteers who were being presented with certificates

Disabled volunteers said they were left “humiliated” when a council event designed to honour their hard work was held in a venue without wheelchair access.

The five women, who work with local support group Moray Duo, were among 80 people invited to the celebration at Elgin Football Club to receive certificates recognising their long-term service.

But the disabled guests could not join in with the main ceremony – because they could not climb the stairs.

Big firms MUST change the insensitive way they treat bereaved families

 ‘When mum died, Lloyds made the grief even harder to bear

Close-knit: Money Mail writer Victoria Bischoff and her mum Julie, who died in April

  • When Victoria Bischoff’s mother Julie died in April, Lloyds were unhelpful
  • They made her call automated service and sent computer-generated letters
  • An insensitive customer service adviser asked a series of intrusive questions and didn’t know the rules about credit card debts
  • Other organisations such as the local council were much better 

Mum had been a customer at Lloyds Bank for around 25 years. The staff in her local branch in Coventry knew her well, so they had recognised me the moment I came through the door.

The woman behind the counter went pale. ‘You’re Julie’s daughter, aren’t you?’ she said. ‘I know what you’re here to say.’

Norfolk-based charity fears the £12bn “draconian” cuts to welfare bills

The most vulnerable should be safeguarded.

09:40 23 June 2015

Housing benefit will be removed from 18 to 21-year-old’s on Jobseekers’ Allowance.

A drive to create a fairer Britain and improve lives or a policy with devastating consequences? Billions of pounds of welfare cuts will be made in the emergency budget next month. Political editor Annabelle Dickson asks what is in store, and what impact it could have.

The exact details of where the axe will fall to save £12bn on the welfare bill are not fully clear – but the case for it has now made by David Cameron.